California ISO launches the most advanced grid operating system

The California Independent System Operator (ISO) upgraded its power grid operating technology last week, making it the most advanced in the industry.

The Siemens Spectrum PowerTM 7 energy management system was launched into the ISO’s grid environment on Oct. 2, following five years of study, competitive bidding, design, and implementation. The system upgrade is intended to better serve ISO customers, while meeting the challenges of an evolving energy landscape.

“The ISO now has the most sophisticated energy management system in the world,” said ISO President and CEO Steve Berberich. “The new system aligns with our strategic vision and goals to maintain a reliable grid while expanding leading-edge tools and services to support our participating transmission owners, and the Western Energy Imbalance Market and RC West participants.”

Moving to the Siemens product improves grid power flow accuracy; supports market enhancements and network applications and allows for broader renewable energy integration. The new system also enhances operators’ situational awareness; offers operational flexibility with frequent model changes; and upgrades critical infrastructure protection.

This article was released by the California Independent System Operator.

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  1. Pretty amazing timing on this thing as CAISO is taking over as Western Reliability Coordinator right as their 5 year plan gets implemented.

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