Andy Thorburn endorsed by Congressman Gil Cisneros in School Board bid

In another powerful indication of his leadership and support from prominent Orange County officials, former classroom teacher Andy Thorburn garnered an impressive endorsement from Congressman Gil Cisneros of California’s 39th District, in his bid for Orange County Board of Education District 3.

In a statement released with the announced endorsement, Rep. Gil Cisneros released the following statement:

“We need representation on our school boards that listens to and represents our families, students and teachers. As a member of Congress, I have talked to countless voters who view education as a top priority in our country. Locally, we need leaders like former classroom teacher Andy Thorburn to fight for our students. I wholeheartedly support Andy for Orange County Board of Education.”

Andy Thorburn is a former classroom teacher, workers’ rights advocate and successful businessman who is running to represent the Orange County Board of Education’s 3rd District. He has worked as an educator and entrepreneur, and at each phase in his life, he has prioritized the principle that any organization – a county or a company – gets the best results if it treats its people fairly, with dignity, and holds itself to a standard of excellence.

Thorburn has been married to his wife Karen for 36 years, and they have two children together. Andy and Karen live in Orange County, where they have lived for the past 18 years.

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This article was released by Andy Thorburn for Orange County Board of Education 2020.