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Two pavement rehabilitation projects approved by Los Alamitos City Council

At its regular meeting on Monday, October 22, the Los Alamitos City Council approved moving forward on two separate pavement rehabilitation projects for the area of the City that lies south of Katella Avenue and east of Los Alamitos Boulevard.

The first project, awarded to Hardy & Harper, Inc., is for the Greenbrook Neighborhood plus the Little Cottonwood Park parking lot. The contract calls for grinding and overlaying pavement, ensuring such existing features as manholes are brought to grade, and existing curbs, fences, block walls, and private facilities are protected.

Construction on this first project is scheduled to begin on January 6, 2020 and finish by March 6, 2020. The project cost of $711,458 will be covered by City and Measure M funds.

The second project will open for bid on November 21. It calls for grinding and overlaying pavement on Noel Street south of Katella Avenue to Farquhar Ave. The project cost is budgeted at $136,050. This second project is expected to begin on January 6, 2020 and finish by March 11, 2020.


  1. …and then there is the cut-thru traffic, especially in the afternoon of drivers on Katella avoiding Katella and Los Alamitos Blvd. intersection.

    The street was not designed and built to handle the volume we see now.

    M-F traffic backs up on Farquhar, East towards Maple so many vehicles jockeying for position to turn left at Los Al Blvd.

    I supported the two left-turn lanes.

    Now I see “entitled-in big hurry” drivers taking up the right space in the first position to turn left. This drives cars up to Howard Ave. to turn right on Los Al.

    Hopefully getting the lights synched and extending the left (South) turn lane space and lights to turn left at Katella and Los Al is working its way through the improvement plans.

  2. Sorry, I missed the meeting…

    I would have spoken up.

    Maybe this is covered – maybe not.

    The real problems with the parking lot at Cottonwood are the base and heavy vehicles that park there.

    The base below the current pavement is not thick enough to support the heavy vehicles that enter the park. IE trash collection trucks, construction vehicles.

    Grinding and laying new pavement on top of the existing asphalt is a waste of taxpayer’s money.

    The base needs to be replaced, installed correctly and then apply the asphalt and seal it.

    As another example: Look at the pavement on Farquhar heading West at the Sterns Park stop sign

    Someone keeps piling asphalt on the street to try to repair the asphalt that has deteriorated.

    There is actually a basin now formed that will collect water when the rains come.

    In the meantime messes up shocks on vehicles.

    Step back and look at the depression in the street from trash truck, large delivery vehicles, and many vehicles from the base that ought to head North on Lexington up to Katella.

    You can see where the load on the trucks has caused depressions in the street from the loads stopping at the stop sign.

    When these streets were created many years ago, I dought the designers anticipated the loads we have today.

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