Daily Overnight News Summary delivery SNAFU

To our deeply appreciated subscribers: we apologize if you have not received a copy of our Daily Overnight News Summary (DONS) for the last couple of days.

Somehow our email server found itself on a couple of different blacklists.

The blacklisting resulted in dozens and dozens and dozens of bounced emails that had to be individually examined for the reason that the newsletter was not delivered.

These bounce-back messages are not in the same format across the Internet, although when boiled down each contains essentially the same information. Something along the lines of “Hey, Knothead! I ain’t delivering this piece of trash! Wanna complain? Talk to The Hand!”

We have been “talking to The Hand” to get our email server “delisted” — which sounds like it may be related to “deplaning” and I hope is not related to “defenestrating.”

We will continue our efforts until The Hand is satisfied that DONS is not trash. Thank you for your patience.

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