Seeking Talented Singers, Dancers, and Actors for Cinderella at Rose Center Theater

Rose Center Theater will be holding auditions for Cinderella on Monday, October 28, 2019 from 7:15 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Auditions are by appointment only – scheduled in 45 minute increments.

Rose Center Theater
14140 All American Way
Westminster, CA 92683

6 performances
December 1, 6, 7, 8, 14, and 15
Fri. and Sat. at 7:30 p.m.
Sun. at 2:00 p.m.


For appointment times and questions, email [email protected]

In your email please include your name, phone, email, and preferred audition time. Please also include a headshot and resume, if available. Once your request is received, we will send a confirmation of your scheduled audition time.

Audition Information

Please prepare 16-32 bars or about a minute cut from a contemporary, or similar Broadway style musical theater song. Singing from the score is acceptable. An accompanist will be provided. All those auditioning will be asked to take part in a dance/movement evaluation. Please dress/bring clothes accordingly.

Readings and singing for specific roles will be held at the director’s request. Callback schedule to be determined.

SEEKING (ages 16+)

CINDERELLA: Female – 20s, Though no one notices her beneath her rags and quiet demeanor, she is opinionated, charismatic, passionate, beautiful and funny. Idealistic and hopeful, she courageously challenges the prince to change the policies in his kingdom – and helps him discover who he truly is. Always her late father’s daughter, she is determined to see the good in everyone despite her hardships and suffering. We see her blossom into a confident woman. Should have strong dance and partnering skills. Beautiful and expressive traditional musical theatre soprano.

PRINCE CHRISTOPHER RUPERT: Male, 20s – early 30s, A misguided and lost prince who longs to do something important with his life. Though brave and heroic, he feels lonely and unfulfilled. Attractive and charming but not a stereotypical ladies man, he is thoughtful, appealing and innocent – Moral, genuine and kindhearted, he is at a crossroads and must take control of his kingdom and his future. Must have strong dance and partnering skills. Soaring, rich musical theatre baritone to G.

PORTIA: Female – 30s, Cinderella’s stepsister. Brash, self-centered, materialistic, snooty, loud, sassy and bratty, she has a ridiculously high – but unfounded – opinion of herself. She never passes up an opportunity to be the center of attention. Must have great comic timing. Strong and expressive traditional musical theatre character belt.

JOY: Female – 20s-30s, Cinderella’s stepsister. Encouraged by her mother and sister to value material wealth and social status, she unenthusiastically joins them in their abrasive behavior. Slightly Awkward with a creaking knee. Must have great comic timing. Strong and expressive traditional musical theatre voice.

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Female, 40s-60s, A friend to Cinderella – A Fairy Godmother. Wise, warm, otherworldly and charming. Rewards Cinderella for her kindness by making her dreams a possibility. Fun-loving with good comedic timing. Glorious and expressive traditional musical theatre voice – Belt

QUEEN CONSTANTINA: Female – mid 40s-60s, Queen of the land – Mother to the Prince Stately, beautiful, warm, motherly, understanding. Traditional musical theatre broadway voice – id soprano.

STEWARD: Male – mid 30s-60s, any ethnicity. The Lord Chancellor’s right-hand man. Announces royal balls, banquets and even the weather to the villagers. Should have good comic timing. Traditional musical theatre tenor with power.

CHEF: Male/Female – Any age. Should have good comic timing. Traditional musical theatre baritone able to handle a patter-song. Dance skills a plus.

CHORUS/ENSEMBLE: Male/Female – ages 16+ Ensemble of Singers & Dancers of all ages to play townspeople, towns-children, courtiers, jesters. All traditional musical theatre vocals.

This article was released by Rose Center Theater.