Our intrepid field reporter notes that activity by the Cypress Police and Orange County Fire Authority has closed the northbound lanes of Denni Street at Via Majorca. That location is just south of Vessels Landell Elementary School.

The signal at Via Majorca appears to be non-functional.

Orange County Fire Authority Truck 17 is also on site.

The Orange County Fire Authority active incidents page lists an “expanded traffic collision” one hour ago with six units assigned.

The Cypress Police Department Twitter and Facebook feeds show no information.

UPDATE: According to our field reporter:

I noticed a tow truck facing westbound, perpendicular across the street. Also, the chain link fence appeared to be broken. This is why I think a vehicle ended up in the flood control channel. The signal was blinking red.

UPDATE: From the Cypress Police Department:

At about 7:35 AM this morning, a motorist driving east on Via Majorca was attempting to turn left onto Denni Street when she lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle traveled east across Denni Street, through a fence, and into the flood control channel just east of the roadway. Cypress Police Officers responded to the collision and found the vehicle, a passenger car, stuck about 12 feet down in the channel. A tow truck was used to remove the car from the channel and Orange County Public Works responded to repair the fence and address a small fuel leak. Fortunately, there were no injuries to the motorist or any of the nearby school children; police officers completed a collision investigation and cleared the scene at about 8:50 AM.

Photos below courtesy of the Cypress Police Department.

Editor’s note: a sharp-eyed reader noticed that we wrongly identified the school! Our article should have read “Landell Elementary School” not “Vessels.”