Celebrate the beauty of quilts

The City of Buena Park is proud to present an exhibit featuring quilts from the Acacia Quilt Guild and the Subterranean Quilters. These vibrant handcrafted textiles were created to illustrate a story, donated to charitable organizations, and simply for the appreciation of the craft. The Acacia Quilt Guild has partnerships with The Boys & Girls Club of Buena Park, Senior Care Centers, Relay for Life, the Buena Park Police Department, and so many more. The Subterranean Quilters is a group of artists who create unique dyes and textures that are incorporated into their quilts.

The exhibit will be on display November 6, 2019 – January 15, 2020 in the City Hall Council Chamber located at 6650 Beach Blvd. 90621. City Hall is open Monday-Thursday, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm and alternating Fridays. Please call the Community Services Division at (714) 562-3860 to confirm viewing availability before planning your visit.

About the Buena Park Fine Arts Division and the Exhibiting Artist Program
As a division of the Community Services Department, the Cultural and Fine Arts Division is committed to providing engaging programming for Buena Park residents of all ages, identities, and abilities in a welcoming and open environment. From live music and theatre to visual art and cultural excursions, we strive to celebrate the rich and multi-faceted diversity of our community. Through the support of City Council and theCultural and Fine Arts Commission, we are able to offer free or low-cost activities and events that allow members of our community to access and enjoy art and culture. The goal of the City of Buena Park’s Exhibiting Artist Program is to provide our residents with access to engaging art and ideas produced by artists both locally, across Southern California, nationally, and internationally. For more information, visit BuenaPark.com or contact the Fine Arts Division at (714) 562-3868.

This article was released by the Buena Park Fine Arts Division.