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Letter to the Editor: Require open competition for federal projects

Across the country, infrastructure is crumbling and utility rates are going up. Unfortunately, the situation is currently getting worse. A study by the American Society of Civil Engineers estimates from 2016 to 2025 households will lose an average of $3,400 each year in disposable income due to infrastructure deficiencies and rising utility rates.

Fixing this problem is imperative, but requires wise leadership. By using an open bid process for these projects, we can ensure taxpayers get the value they deserve, which is the work done right, on time, and according to a high standard. In fact, an open competition process carries an estimated savings to taxpayers of $371 billion. That’s a savings local businesses could use to raise wages for their workers, expand their employment, and give back to their communities.

Bipartisan legislation, called the SMART Act SMART Infrastructure Act, has been introduced by Representatives Harley Rouda and Bruce Brian Babin to require open competition for projects that use Federal tax dollars. With so many families struggling right now, the wise stewardship of our taxpayer dollars should be common sense now more than ever.

Dean Grose
Los Alamitos

Editor’s note: Mr. Grose is a member of the Los Alamitos City Council. However, this letter presents his own opinion independent of his leadership position with the City. The Council has neither voted on nor approved a resolution in support of the SMART Act SMART Infrastructure Act.

Update 20191203: A sharp-eyed reader noticed a couple of errors that we have marked and corrected.