A bit of (forced) housekeeping for our Daily Overnight News Summary

We apologize to subscribers of our Daily Overnight News Summary with email addresses served by SBC Global.

For some reason, SBC Global and AT&T have put Orange County Breeze on a “do not deliver” blacklist. Delivery of our Daily Overnight News Summary to anyone with an email address ending in @sbcglobal.net or @att.net is blocked.

Orange County Breeze receives a bounced email notice.

We have repeatedly asked to be unblocked, or to have the reason for the block explained to us. All we get is an auto-reply saying that our inquiry was received.

This has forced us to delete subscribers using @sbcglobal.net or @att.net as their mail service.

Again: we apologize! We want you back!

If you have not seen a copy of our Daily Overnight News Summary (DONS) in your inbox lately — and you do not use @sbcglobal.net or @att.net — check whether your email inbox is full, or if DONS has been sent to your spam folder or trash. Set your email preferences to allow delivery from our domain, oc-breeze.com.

If you are not yet subscribed to our Daily Overnight News Summary, subscribe on our DONS subscription page or use the form at the bottom of the righthand siderail of this website. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s free.