California Republican Party endorses Assemblyman Tyler Diep

The California Republican Party has officially endorsed Assemblyman Tyler Diep for his re-election campaign (AD72).

The CAGOP endorsement adds to the growing list of conservative organizations that have endorsed Assemblyman Diep’s re-election bid. Diep was recently awarded a coveted Rose Award from the Orange County Taxpayers Association’s (OCTax) and was endorsed by the Orange County Republican Party and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC.

Diep was elected to the Assembly in 2018 after one of the highest profile legislative campaigns in the state. Diep won despite being outspent by more 2 to 1 in the general.

“Despite being dramatically outspent in the 2018 general election, Tyler was able to prevail – a clear testament to his hard work and message resonating with the people of the 72nd Assembly district,” noted Diep’s Chief Strategist Stephen Puetz. “We’re not taking anything for granted in 2020 and aggressively building an organization to ensure another victory.”

The 72nd District includes all of Westminster, Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, a portion of Huntington Beach and the unincorporated county island of Midway City.

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This article was released by Tyler Diep for Assembly 2020.