After an extensive public outreach effort, the Los Alamitos Unified School District Board has released a revised set of draft maps showing how the district could be divided into trustee voting areas.

The Board is moving to a trustee-area voting system because the California Voting Rights Act strongly discourages the current at-large system. Dividing the school district into trustee areas helps ensure that minority group voting rights in the community are protected and not abridged or diluted.

To date, the Board of Education has held five Community Outreach meetings across the District and conducted three public hearings to explain the process and receive community input on draft maps of the voting areas. Based on public comment and its own deliberations, the Board at its November 12 meeting eliminated some maps from consideration and asked for revisions in others. The five maps now under consideration and the demographic data supporting them are now available on the District website ( along with a link ( to an interactive viewer that allows the maps to be easily compared. The interactive viewer allows individuals to zoom in and out to the street level and enter specific addresses to determine in which trustee area they would be located in each draft map.

A public hearing on the maps is scheduled for December 10 at 6:30 PM in the same location during the regular Board meeting. Printed booklets containing the revised draft maps and demographic data will be available for all those attending the meetings, along with large-format maps on display.

Anyone unable to attend the meeting on December 10 can submit comments via email at [email protected] . Complete information on the adoption of the new voting system, including frequently asked questions and timelines, can be found on the District website (

This article was released by the Los Alamitos Unified School District.