The National Guard celebrates 383 years of service; new film to honor America’s oldest units

Older than the nation itself, America’s National Guard is celebrating its 383rd Birthday on Friday, December 13, 2019.

The National Guard traces its roots back to nearly a century and a half before the founding of our country, to the militia regiments of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Organized in 1636 and based upon an order from the Massachusetts Bay Colony’s General Court, the colony’s militia was organized into three permanent regiments to better defend the colony.

These regiments still exist today and are among the oldest continuously serving military units in the world.

These facts and many more, unknown to most in the world, will be the subject of a new documentary by two southern California documentary Film Companies, Storyteller Original Films and Time to Kill Productions are partnering to produce a feature documentary “Citizen Soldiers, The History of the National Guard”.

This film will present the proud story of today’s National Guard from their early beginnings as “Minute Men” to their honorable tradition being carried on by today’s Citizen Soldiers of the National Guard serving around the world.
Time to Kill Productions was formed in 2014 by long-time friends, Ethan Morse and Neal Schrodetzki. Both Ethan and Neal are Army veterans who met while serving as proud members of the elite Honor Guard that watches over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Arlington National Cemetery.

Together they created and internationally distributed “The Unknowns” which covers select portions of the training cycle for the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington. “The Unknowns” won the prestigious “Van Gogh” award in 2017 for best feature documentary at the Amsterdam Film Festival.

They are currently developing “Honor Guard” a 4-part Docu-Series about the other specialty platoons in the elite U.S. Army Old Guard. The film is narrated by Academy Award nominated actor, Sam Elliot.

They met Richard Jellerson of Storyteller Original Films when they were contracted to produce several creative graphics and segments for Storyteller’s recent documentary film “A Solemn Promise, America’s Missing in Action”. This film tells of the ongoing worldwide search for America’s more than 82,000 fighting men and women who were still missing and unaccounted from our many wars and conflicts. (That number is presently down to 81,954) Jellerson is also an Army veteran having flown two tours in Vietnam as an Army helicopter pilot – the first as a combat assault pilot and the second one as General Creighton Abrams personal pilot.

Morse is still serving and currently going through the California National Guard Traditional OCS program, The California Military Academy.

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