Carpetbagger sign case dismissed against Buena Park City Councilwoman Sunny Park

A trial regarding “Carpetbagger” signs began Monday, December 9, 2019, before the The Honorable Beatriz Gordon at the North Justice Center, Orange County, Fullerton, California. After deliberations, the jury declared they were hung 10 to 2 for not guilty.

Having hard all of the evidence during the trial, and upon hearing that 10 members of the community voted “not guilty” on the case, The Honorable Judge Gordon granted Ms. Park’s motion to dismiss the case. Ms. Sunny Park was represented by Attorney Julie Swain.

Ms. Park said, “I am thrilled that I can put this behind me and focus on serving the community effectively. I’m thankful to my family, supporters, and voters for maintaining their confidence in me. I have trust in our justice system. The truth came out. And justice has been served.”

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