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Los Alamitos City Council reorganizes, Warren Kusumoto resigns

In an unexpected move at the annual reorganization of the Los Alamitos City Council, outgoing Mayor Warren Kusumoto announced his resignation. A promotion at his place of employment demands that he and his family transfer to Baltimore, Maryland, forcing his departure from the Council.

Meanwhile, the Council elected Richard Murphy to serve as Mayor, with Mark Chirco as Mayor Pro Tem for the next year.

The City of Los Alamitos is currently facing a difficult financial future, as detailed by Mr. Kusumoto at this past year’s State of the City luncheon back in March. The City’s fiscal sustainability will likely remain a significant challenge over the next year, with its money reserves potentially exhausted by the 2024-25 fiscal year.


  1. Very happy to see Warren leave. He ran years ago on truth and transparency but ended up doing neither. Not surprised he bailed before the fiscal crisis

  2. I am sorry to hear Mr. Kusumoto will be leaving.

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