Rep. Cisneros’ statement on impeachment articles

Representative Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr. (CA-39) released the following statement regarding his support for articles of impeachment against the President. Previously, Rep. Cisneros joined his national security colleagues in an op-ed calling on Congress to begin impeachment proceedings.

“I was elected to Congress to be a voice for all my constituents, to work across the aisle for bipartisan results, and to give the 39th District the representation it deserves. I have always maintained that impeachment is a serious undertaking and must be done with incredible care. When the unprecedented allegations against the President and his interactions with Ukraine were first reported, I felt it was Congress’ duty to investigate and find out the truth.

“Following the focused investigative process by the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, the facts are before Congress and the American people. The President betrayed his oath to support and defend the Constitution by attempting to undermine the integrity of our elections for his own personal benefit. He asked a foreign government to investigate a political rival, and he endangered our national security by withholding taxpayer-funded military aid that was meant to be used to counter Russian aggression against an American ally.

“This was not a decision I took lightly, but I swore an oath to serve our country and defend our Constitution when I enlisted in the United States Navy, and again in January when I was sworn in as a member of Congress. For me, this is not about personal politics or party affiliation. It is about upholding my oath to put our country and our Constitution first and protect our national security. That is why I will vote to move forward with the impeachment of the President. I hope all my colleagues will join in recognizing this grave threat and stand up to this Administration in defense of our Constitution.”

This article was released by the Office of Congressman Gilbert R. Cisneros Jr.