Da’ Hawaii Seniors Club celebrated the season with a fantastic Holiday Party

Pictured at Da’ Hawaii Seniors Club Holiday Party are, left to right, Larry and Hedy Anduha, dressed as Hawaiian Santa and Mrs. Claus. Photos and I.D. by Edna Ethington.

Ninety-three members of Da’ Hawaii Seniors Club celebrated the holiday season with a fantastic Holiday Party with great food, games, drawing prizes, and entertainment on Saturday, December 7, 2019, at the Cerritos Seniors Club in Cerritos. The festivities began with a welcome by President Liberty Santiago. Master of Ceremonies Danny Chang also welcomed everyone to the annual Holiday Party. Danny thanked the 2019 Board members for their service and then introduced the members of the new 2010 Board.

It takes many people to help plan the activities of Da’ Hawaii Seniors Club, and the club is fortunate that many of the 2019 Board members will continue to serve in the 2020 Board. The 2020 Board members are as follows: Co-Presidents Carmelita Tiongson and Donald Izumihara; Co- 1st VP Programs, Marion Tesoro and Sherrie Dixon; Co- 2nd VP Membership, Myrna Matsuno and Janie Aguirre; Co-3rd VP Public Performance, Hedy Anduha, Frances McCormick and John Yanagihara; Co- Recording Secretary, Amy Tong and Merle Perez; and Treasurer, Richard Chu.

Other volunteer 2020 Board members are: Refreshments, Gladys Yoshii, Mary Jane Fujimura, Stan Enomoto and Gail Nagaoka; Ohana Care, Donna Ray and Susan Stern; Sergeant-at-Arms, Gilbert Aguirre and Larry Anduha; Audio Techs, Howard Koga, Ken Matsuo and John Yanagihara. Danny congratulated all the 2020 Board members for being on the board.

After the 2020 Board was introduced, M.C. Danny Chang introduced Hedy Anduha. Hedy offered prayers before the meal in both Hawaiian and English. The 2019 Board had decided that the lunch would be served by the Refreshment Committee, so the committee served all guests at their tables instead of having to stand in lines for a buffet. They also served bottles of water and prepared coffee.

It was an amazing lunch that was catered by Chef Jose Catering. The menu included three entrees, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Baked Filet of Salmon, Roasted Tri Tip, with Fettuccine Alfredo, Fiesta Rice, Steamed Vegetables, Caesar Salad, and Dinner Rolls. The Food Committee asked members to bring a dessert for 10 to share, so there were many different kinds of desserts for people to sample.

There were two games that members and guests played before the entertainment by club members.
Liberty Santiago and Larry Anduha explained that the first game was the “Hunt” game. In that game, people competed by tables in trying to find 10 items in 15 minutes. The winning table found nine of the items and won a prize.

The second game was the Left/Right game about “Christmas with the Right Family.” Holiday Committee Chairperson Amy Tong provided the game, and David Ethington read the story about the Right Family. A wrapped gift was placed on each table, and table members passed the gift left or right as David read the story. The winner of the gift was the last person who followed the last instruction. The audience got quiet and really listened carefully in order to do the right thing and win what was left at the end.

Members who wanted to win a door prize were asked to bring a door prize of approximately $10 in value, so one half of the donated door prizes were drawn after the two games. It was fun to see what surprise was in each door prize.

After the door prizes were awarded, the entertainment began with Frank Yoshii leading the singing of Mele Kalikimaka with audience participation. Frank, Calvin Kunimoto, Larry Anduha, Harry Aipia, Roque Assistin and Howard Koga sang their favorite songs. There was also the hula, He Mele Aloha No Puna performed by Ann Kho and Youling Chen, and two hulas by Na Kupunawahine O’ Cerritos, “Sweet Lahaina Nights” and “O Holy Night.” The audience applauded and cheered for all the performances.

The final entertainment was provided by Glenda Ujiie, with musicians, Frank Yoshii, Harry Aipia, Roque Assistin and Kyle Izumihara playing their ukuleles and singing the Hawaiian version of Numbah 12 Days of Christmas with audience participation. Glenda had prepared colorful props for table members at each of twelve tables to hold up props while singing about each of the 12 days. Props included one mynah bird on the first day and up to 12 televisions on the 12th day!

An added surprise was a visit from Larry and Hedy Anduha dressed as Hawaiian Santa and Mrs. Claus. They passed out candy and wished everyone a “Mele Kalikimaka!’

The highlight of the party was the awarding of the remaining half of the door prizes, which also included the table centerpieces, and the drawing for the Grand Prize of Three Days and Two Nights at the California Hotel in Las Vegas. M.C. Danny Chang announced that the lucky winner of the Grand Prize was Bennie Cabalona. Bennie was surprised and happy to win the stay at the Las Vegas hotel.

The holiday party ended with everyone forming a circle and holding hands as they sang their traditional closing songs of “Hawaii Aloha” and “ Aloha O’e.”