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Room with a View: All Orange County Congressional representatives vote to impeach

No suprises: every single Congressional representative from Orange County voted in favor of HR 755 and HR 756, impeaching President Trump, in lockstep with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Appalling — and I don’t even like President Trump.

Although I find the actions of the House of Representatives hypocritical, repulsively self-serving, and grandiose, I must admit that at least in California the Democratic Party has bounced back smartly from the 2016 election — much to my sorrow.

At the state level, punitive legislation and executive actions are almost too numerous to list. I will give three:

  • AB 5, which codifies the A-B-C rule for determining whether someone can be treated as an independent contractor or must be treated as an employee. It makes every single employer in the State of California a client of the State Legislature.
  • Gov. Gavin Newsom’s theft of gas tax revenues meant to repair transportation infrastructure (read: roads and bridges) for his pet green projects (read: alternative transportation like bicycles).
  • Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recent threat to take over Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), a public utility operating under heavy regulation from the State of California. The company has been flattened by wildfires resulting from the State’s own environmental policies and utility regulations.

Any business that is able to pick up and flee California should do so. Any resident who can move out-of-state should skedaddle — especially homeowners who can sell while the selling price remains sky-high. Get out before the State Legislature mandates every homeowner must build a Granny Flat to house the homeless. A mild climate and beach lifestyle are not worthwhile tradeoffs for becoming serfs.

With no meaningful opposition from the California Republican Party, the damage already done to the State is huge. The damage that will be done to the State is unbearable to think about.

If you choose to stay, or cannot leave, I urge you to work hard to re-balance the power structure in the State, starting with next March’s primary.

As a starting point, vote against any representative at the State level who supported AB 5. (See our OC elected officials page.) Vote against any representative who does not support charter schools. Vote against any representative who wants to throw more money at public education or enlarge its scope (read: Pre-K).

Money talks as loud as votes. Withhold alumni contributions from institutions of higher education that restrict free speech on campus, or that push insane “social justice” agendas, or punish people who hold fast to traditional views on family and morality. Avoid businesses that shove their progressive politics in your face, either locally or online.

Speak up!

Or tell me I’m full of it, and show me how progressive policies will be effective at reducing or eliminating the problems they are meant to address.

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  1. Mrs Henderson,

    You are right. I am a San Bernardino County resident that feels very frustrated with our state and federal government:

    1- Higher taxes. We, the working class or retired residents, are paying for this crazy laws created by our government in Sacramento, more taxes, taxes and taxes.

    2- Home less issues. Kevin Newsom and Ms. Pelosi should be walking the San Francisco streets and try to fix the homeless problem. Has she done any new laws or policies since 2016 for benefit of the us, the People?

    3- Voting frustration. I am frustrated because my vote does not count in California as the Democrats are the majority, and the people does not understand we must vote no matter what to fulfill our goals.

    The goal is: We need good conservative representatives to lead California to be the best. People with quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

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