Seal Beach robbery suspect arrested after stealing bicycle

A robbery suspect was arrested after he forcefully pushed the victim off his bicycle and onto the street.

On December 19, 2019 at about 10:00 am, the Seal Beach Police Department received a call of a robbery which occurred near the intersection of Seal Beach Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway. The victim was riding his bicycle when he was approached by the suspect. The suspect forcefully pushed the victim off his bike and into the lanes of traffic. The suspect took the bicycle and quickly rode away.

A passing motorist witnessed the robbery and called the police. The witness provided a description of the suspect to dispatchers, who relayed the message to the responding officers. Patrol officers as well as the Community-Oriented Policing (COP) Team, immediately responded to the area and quickly located the suspect a short distance away. Fortunately, the victim was not seriously injured when the suspect pushed him off the bike and into the street. However, his bicycle and helmet were both damaged.

The suspect was identified as James Spells, aged 24 of Indianapolis, Indiana. He was arrested for robbery, processed at the Seal Beach Detention Center, and ultimately booked at the Orange County Jail.

“Had it not been for the observant witness who saw the robbery and immediately called the police, we might not have caught the suspect so quickly,” said COP Team Officer Victor Ruiz. “We appreciate it when the community can help be an extra set of eyes and ears.”

In light of the unfortunate incident and the spirit of the holiday season, the responding officers decided to help the victim get back to riding. The Seal Beach Police Officers’ Association donated money to purchase a new bicycle and helmet for the victim.

This article was released by the Seal Beach Police Department.

Members of the Seal Beach Police Officers Association donated a new bicycle after the robbery victim’s original bicycle was stolen and damaged. Photo courtesy of Seal Beach Police Department.