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Learn what’s new in the world of hearing aids

Dr. David DeKriek, Audiologist, will discuss new legislation about hearing aids and the increasing aging population that are spurring more competition to add or improve features, interactivity, sound quality and price at the Thursday, January 9th meeting of the Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) at 6:30 p.m. at the Weingart Center, 5220 Oliva Avenue, Lakewood, CA 90712.

Hearing aids are advancing rapidly, and lots can change in just a year. Dr. DeKriek will speak about the latest developments in hearing aid technology.

Dr. DeKriek is experienced in a wide range of medical environments. He completed an internship at UCLA, served as a member of the cranio-facial team at Orthopedic Hospital and provided diagnostic and rehabilitative services to many local medical offices before starting his own practice, Fidelity Hearing Center in Cerritos.

Dr. DeKriek earned his Doctor of Audiology at the University of Florida and has been awarded the Board Certification in Audiology. He is also a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. For many years he has generously served as the professional advisor to the Long Beach/Lakewood chapter of the HLAA.

This talk is part of a series of monthly presentations offered by the Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America, the nation’s largest non-profit group dedicated to helping people with hearing loss.

If you have trouble hearing, our meetings and lectures are for you! We provide a telecoil-looped room, live projected captions, and assistive listening devices. Join the friendly, supportive chapter members as we learn about strategies and technologies for improving life with hearing loss. Meetings are always free and no reservations!

For more information, call 562-438-0597 or www.hlaa-lb-lakewood.org. Hearing Loss Association of America, Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter is a volunteer, support group offering education on coping skills and resources to people with hearing loss to help survive in a hearing world.

This article was released by the HLAA Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter.