Andrew Do launches six-figure television ad campaign

The Andrew Do for Supervisor campaign has launched a new ad titled “For Every Family” that began airing January 1 on cable throughout Orange County, backed by a six-figure ad buy.

Homelessness has become rampant throughout Orange County and California, though under Supervisor Do’s leadership and hard work, the county has seen tremendous improvement on eliminating homelessness, thanks to significant investment and action from the county.

“It was a crisis, so we got to work and made a difference,” Do said. “The homeless are our family–no family deserves to live on the street. We’re ending homelessness one at a time, until no family is left behind.”

Click here to watch the ad “For Every Family.”

Chief Strategist for the Andrew Do for Supervisor campaign, John Thomas, said: “Very rarely do we see a politician keep his or her word and make good on campaign promises, but Andrew Do is doing just that. He’s laid the foundation for ending homelessness and it’s exciting to dream about what he can accomplish with four more years.”

This article was released by Andrew Do for Supervisor.