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Cypress Santa Center announces 2019 winner

The big winner, Lila, with her mother Nicole Marie sitting with Santa and Paul Lussman at Cypress Santa Center.

Every year, Paul Lussman of Cypress indulges his outsized and abiding fondness for Santa Claus by decorating his house on Edgemont Circle with dozens and dozens of Santas. His wife, Mariellen, encourages his mania, and has been seen to wear a sweeping red gown fit for evening wear by Mrs. Claus!

Exactly how many Santas is a closely guarded secret each year, because a contest is held to guess the number.

This year, the Cypress Santa Center contest was held in conjunction with Holiday Wonderland on Edgemont Circle, a block party supported by the residents on the stubby street opposite the Cypress Civic Center. The Woman’s Club of Cypress also used the event to fundraise.

There was a cake walk, and popcorn, and a silent auction, and hamburgers grilled by Charles — and, of course, the contest to guess how many Santas were on display at the Lussman home.

This year’s big winner of fifty smackeroos is Lila, shown in the photo at the right. (Paul Lussman’s shirt reads “Ho! Ho! Hole in One!”)

Congratulations, Lila!

And thank you, Paul Lussman, for making our spirits brighter this past holiday season!