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Congressman Harley Rouda releases one year in office accomplishments and updates

Congressman Harley Rouda released accomplishments and updates from his first year serving California’s 48th District.

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Said Rouda, “For too long, CA-48 was without a common-sense, bipartisan, and productive voice in Congress. Over the past year, I’ve been proud to be the most legislatively productive Freshman Member of Congress by reaching across the aisle to fix some of our nation’s most significant issues.”

“My office has recovered over $1,600,000 on behalf of Orange County families and businesses and traveled across our beautiful district to meet folks from every neighborhood and community. In a single year, I helped secure more than $40,000,000 in grant funding for our district, bringing home our hard-earned tax dollars to local businesses and public works projects.”

“As we approach the milestone of one year in Congress, I wanted to share how I have been serving you in DC and OC. It is the honor of my life to be your Representative, and I look forward to further improving the lives of families and businesses here in Orange County and across the country.”

In his first year in office, the office of Congressman Rouda:

  • Introduced 42 legislative measures
  • Had 24 legislative measures pass
  • Cosponsored 460 legislative measures
  • Chaired 11 Oversight Subcommittee on Environment hearings
  • Closed 367 constituent cases
  • Recovered $1,609,349 for constituents from federal agencies
  • Helped secure $40,000,000 in grant funding
  • Hosted 5 town halls
  • Sent 63,852 responses to constituents
  • Attended 1,500+ meetings
  • Scheduled 2,800+ tours

This article was released by the Office of Congressman Harley Rouda.

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  1. Congressman Harley Rouda (48 District) voted to IMPEACH President Trump. That’s all you need to know about Rep Rouda.

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