Happy 30th Anniversary to Working Wardrobes

While it may be hard to imagine (it still is for me), it is now our 30th Anniversary year… everything that we have achieved and accomplished is because of your support – our donors, board members, volunteers, staff, partner agencies, and influential community members.

Since 1990, we’ve have served over 105,000 clients right here in our own community – and we’re very proud of the work we do. Over the past 30 years together, we have achieved some major accomplishments and I am eternally grateful!

However, with all these wonderful accomplishments, our clients are more at risk than ever before of losing the very support we provide. For us to continue to do this work we need your help now more than ever!

The age of information has changed the tides of every business and organization forever, with more channels, more challenges and society moving at the speed of light. It is harder for any organization to keep up, and we feel these challenges acutely.

As we move into a new decade, we have created new initiatives and ways for you to give that will take our client support to greater heights! You have inspired us to create something for everyone that also enriches the lives of our clients. These initiatives will create impact for our donors, and supporters on a whole new level.

Please stay tuned as we roll out these wonderful new initiatives and visit our website for ways to get involved. You can also find out more about our upcoming events HERE!

My New Year’s wish is that we, each of us, find ways to work together, to invest where our hearts lead us and to celebrate our wins as a community.

Thank you for being the spirit of Working Wardrobes and please join us for this very special 30th Anniversary celebration!

This article was written by Jerri Rosen, CEO/Founder of Working Wardrobes.