A three-judge panel of Division 3 of the California Fourth District Court of Appeals ruled unanimously that California charter cities must comply with the California Values Act (CVA) as regards to its restriction on cooperation between a municipal police force and federal immigration authorities.

The ruling was filed on January 10, 2002 (pdf).

Here is the text of the ruling’s conclusion:

We conclude, based on our application of the four-part analytical framework set forth in City of Vista and California Fed. Savings, section 7284.6 does not unconstitutionally infringe on a charter city’s rights under Section 5(b) to constitute, regulate, and govern a city police force or to compensate city employees. This conclusion means we need not address the Attorney General’s argument based on the doctrine of state preemption of local regulation.

The trial court judgment was reversed with directions to deny the petition for writ of mandamus and enter judgment in favor of the State of California, represented by Attorney General Xavier Becerra, with the State to recover its costs from the respondent City of Huntington Beach.

This was Trial Court Case 30-2018-00984280 and Court of Appeal Case G057013.

This has immediate application to the ordinance approved by the City of Los Alamitos opting out of complying with the CVA.