Don Sedgwick

Sedgwick’s statement on Katie Porter ignoring Orange County to campaign for socialism

Don Sedgwick, the Republican front-runner for Congress (CA-45), issued the following statement in response to Katie Porter missing congressional votes and leaving California’s 45th District underrepresented in Washington — the job she was elected and is paid by taxpayers to do — in order to campaign in Iowa and other parts of the country for socialist presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

According to The Orange County Register, Katie Porter has repeatedly skipped votes to be with Warren on the campaign trail. Sedgwick responded:

“It’s very sad that while our country and state face serious problems like veteran homelessness, the high cost of living and threats to national security, she is in Iowa campaigning for socialism. As a member of Congress, I will always put Orange County voters first.”

Sedgwick campaign strategist John Thomas said: “Why is Katie Porter in Iowa campaigning for a woman who has promised to raise your taxes and take away your current healthcare? She is too concerned with auditioning for a cabinet post in a socialist administration to do the hard, yet important, work of being a member of Congress and solving problems in her district.”

This article was released by Sedgwick for Congress.