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Weather in northwest Orange County for Tuesday, January 21, 2020:


Mostly sunny, with a high near 64. Light and variable wind becoming west 5 to 10 mph in the afternoon.


Partly cloudy, with a low around 48. Southwest wind around 5 mph becoming calm.

Highs are forecast to return to the 70s by midweek and remain there for the remainder of the week.

Courtesy of HistoryNet:

  • 1648 In Maryland, the first woman lawyer in the colonies, Margaret Brent, is denied a vote in the Maryland Assembly.
  • 1737 Birth of Ethan Allen, American Revolutionary commander.
  • 1785 Chippewa, Delaware, Ottawa and Wyandot Indians sign the treaty of Fort McIntosh, ceding present-day Ohio to the United States.
  • 1824 Birth of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, Confederate General.
  • 1910 Japan rejects the American proposal to neutralize ownership of the Manchurian Railway.
  • 1919 The German Krupp plant begins producing guns under the U.S. armistice terms.
  • 1921 J.D. Rockefeller pledges $1 million for the relief of Europe’s destitute.
  • 1941 The United States lifts the ban on selling arms to the Soviet Union.
  • 1964 Carl T. Rowan is named the director of the United States Information Agency (USIA).
  • 1968 In Vietnam, the Siege of Khe Sanh begins as North Vietnamese units surround U.S. Marines based on the hilltop headquarters.
  • 1974 The U.S. Supreme Court decides that pregnant teachers can no longer be forced to take long leaves of absence.
  • 1976 Leonid Brezhnev and Henry Kissinger meet to discuss Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT).
  • 1977 President Carter urges 65 degrees as the maximum heat in homes to ease the energy crisis.
  • 1993 Congressman Mike Espy of Mississippi is confirmed as Secretary of the Department of Agriculture.