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Atlas PAC endorses Diane Dixon for 74th Assembly District

Atlas PAC has officially endorsed Diane Dixon (R-Newport Beach) for the 74th Assembly District. She is challenging freshman Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-Laguna Beach) for the seat.

“Atlas PAC proudly endorses Diane Dixon because she is a proven pro-taxpayer, pro-business leader. She has consistently fought for the free market, limiting government, and reducing taxes,” said Atlas PAC Chair Lee Lowrey. “As a resident of Newport Beach, I’ve had the opportunity to watch Diane’s conservative governance up close, and I am thankful for her leadership at City Hall. I urge my fellow 74th District residents to join me in voting for Diane to represent us in the Assembly, and I look forward to seeing her replace Cottie Petrie-Norris as my Assemblywoman.”

“I am grateful for the endorsement of Atlas PAC, which fights for the free enterprise system, lower taxes, and individual liberty,” said Dixon. “I thank Atlas PAC for their endorsement based on my ideas for the residents of the 74th District and my record as a career business executive and City leader.”

Atlas PAC is a membership-based organization that promotes limited government, lower taxation and personal liberty. Atlas PAC advocates for the free enterprise system and understands that individual liberty is the primary building block of a successful society.

Atlas PAC is just the latest organization to join the list of donor groups and grassroots activist organizations that have united behind Diane Dixon, including California’s largest Republican donor group (New Majority), Orange County’s oldest pro-business political organization (Lincoln Club), and Orange County’s largest grassroots organization of Republicans under the age of 40 (Young Republicans).

Diane Dixon spent 40 years in the private sector as a business executive before being elected to the Newport Beach City Council in 2014, twice serving as Mayor. She has served as Chair of the Water Quality and Tidelands Committee and member of the Finance Committee for nearly five years, including four years as Chair. During her tenure at City Hall, she has actively engaged city residents, holding over two dozen town hall meetings, working closely with local business owners and residents to solve community problems, and initiating numerous neighborhood and community improvement programs.

An active member on several philanthropic community-based boards of directors for nearly four decades, Mayor Dixon has been married for 44 years to career prosecutor Pat Dixon, with whom she has a daughter, a former prosecutor, and three grandchildren.

The 74th Assembly District consists of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Laguna Woods, southern Huntington Beach, and most of Irvine.

This article was released by Diane Dixon for Assembly 2020.