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Garden Grove offers re-roof loan program for low-income households

The City is now offering a re-roof loan program of up to $20,000 for qualifying low-income families. Applications must be received by Monday, February 24, 2020 to be considered.

The Re-Roof Program is a 20-year deferred payment loan requiring no monthly payments, not exceeding $20,000, which accrues 3-percent simple annual interest for the first five years of the loan. The loan is designed to assist with covering the replacement cost of a roof on a single-family home for qualified low- and very low-income families. If the homeowner does not sell the home or default on the loan after five years, any accrued interest will be forgiven, and the interest rate will be set at 0% for the remainder of the loan term.

In order to qualify for the re-roof program the home must be a single-family Garden Grove home with a roof that is in substandard condition as determined by a City Building Official. Applicants must also own and occupy the home throughout the term of the loan. In addition, the applicant must have a monthly debt to income ratio of less than 45 percent and meet the following income limits per number of persons in a household: one- $66,500; two- $76,000; three- $85,500; four-$94,950;five- $102,550; six- $110,150; seven- $117,750; and eight- $125,350.

Participants of the re-roof loan program will be chosen through a random lottery to create the priority list. Ten applicants will be chosen, but those on the priority list will stay active for one year.

For additional information regarding the re-roof loan program, please contact Timothy Throne at (714) 741-5135 or visit the Neighborhood Improvement Division website at

This article was released by the City of Garden Grove.