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Underwriting firms named for upcoming bond sales

California State Treasurer Fiona Ma announced the appointment of underwriting firms to lead bond offerings expected to be sold this spring. Three teams were appointed to manage these offerings, including two offerings for the state’s general obligation bond program and a single offering for the State Public Works Board.

The teams include: Citigroup Global Markets, RBC Capital Markets, and Ramirez & Co. on the first of two general obligation offerings; and, BofA Securities, JP Morgan Securities, and Siebert, Williams Shank & Co., on the second offering of general obligation bonds. The third offering, presently expected to be as much as $1.4 billion of lease revenue bonds for the State Public Works Board, will be managed by Wells Fargo Securities, Raymond James & Associates, and Stifel, Nicolaus & Company.

“The nature of the responsibilities that Californians elected me to do requires forming effective business relationships with financial firms that I use to access capital markets for selling bonds on behalf of the taxpayers,” said Treasurer Ma. “In order to stimulate competition and promote an atmosphere that fosters the best financial results for California taxpayers, I need to encourage the participation of the deepest bench possible.”

“Among the considerations I use in making appointments such as these, are thoughtful acknowledgments of which firms have supported California consistently and over time. In a recent example, when the Oroville dam spillway needed immediate—and expensive—repairs to the spillway, numerous banks stepped up and offered to lend California the funds needed to complete repairs swiftly to protect public safety.”

According to Treasurer Ma, there are multiple ways that financial partners can show their respective commitments to California. The cited example of the Oroville dam spillway is only one of many, she said, “but the important takeaway is that financial partners seeking to do business with my office must be able to demonstrate that they are capable, reliable, and committed to the state and its financial success over long periods of time and to a measurable extent.”

Sale amounts and dates will be announced when available.

This article was released by the California State Treasurer’s Office.