Rep. Cisneros votes to reassert Congressional authorization to use military force

Today, Representative Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr. (CA-39) voted to repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 and for the No War Against Iran Act, which prohibits federal funding for any use of military force in or against Iran unless Congress has declared war. Rep. Cisneros is a cosponsor of both amendments. The amendment to repeal the 2002 AUMF was offered by Rep. Barbara Lee (CA-13) and the No War Against Iran Act amendment was offered by Rep. Ro Khanna (CA-17)

“Congress must reestablish itself as an equal branch of government. Our Founders made it very clear that the President of the United States does not have the power to declare war unilaterally or use sustained military action. That power resides with Congress, and it’s far past time we restore the checks and balances within our government,” said Rep. Cisneros. “Every single day, our courageous men and women in uniform put their lives on the line to protect our country. Congress cannot take sending them into war lightly. We owe it to our servicemembers to uphold our constitutional authority.”

Rep. Cisneros was a cosponsor and voted for Rep. Khanna’s amendment when it was first offered in the FY 2020 NDAA. Rep. Cisneros also voted for Rep. Lee’s amendment when it was first offered in the FY 2020 NDAA. Both amendments were removed from the final bill.

Rep. Cisneros has also acted to hold this Administration accountable in regard to its strategy in the Middle East. He sent a letter to the White House expressing concerns with the President’s strategy toward curbing Iranian aggression and demanding answers on its strategy with Iran. Rep. Cisneros voted in favor of the War Powers Resolution which reclaims Congress’ constitutional power to declare war and limits the President’s authority to take military action against Iran.

Rep. Cisneros is a Navy Veteran and a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

This article was released by the Office of Representative Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr.

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  1. What I would like to know is why Representative Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr. (CA-39) voted to IMPEACH President Trump? Why Rep Cisneros appears to care more about ILLEGAL ALIENS than he does American citizens?

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