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Letter to the Editor: Letter from a totally embarrassed Filipina

I am a Filipino-American and I was appalled to read about these three Filipino church members that were bilking people in the name of God. This goes against our tradition for most of us were raised in very strict homes. The Philippine island (population 102 million) is a Catholic nation and the people were taught never to cheat, steal and lie! I am the God-fearing political voice of the Filipinos and those who got the forwarded email and article are also fuming.

These three Filipinos should reimburse all they stole and after their incarceration should be stripped of their legal status as Fil-American immigrants. Most Filipinos are law-abiding, hard workers, some holding two or three jobs so they could send money to their loved ones back home while paying their huge home mortgage. In fact, the Filipinos live such a quiet life, hardly venturing out of their comfort zone preferring to be with their Filipino friends and relatives at all times.

I am one of the three Filipino members of the California Republican Assembly (CRA). The other one is my daughter Lesliann Stoddard, the third is Philippine’s president’s nephew, politically savvy Ed Duterte, who ran against Maxine Waters. The CRA is a hundred year old Republican organization with president Ronald Reagan as one of its members.

Basically Filipinos live their days working, never dreaming of joining an American organization for they feel out of place. They like going to Church on Sundays and holidays, so when someone called them an invisible race I totally agree. They don’t care about politics or joining American organizations.They form their own FILIPINO organization where they feel comfortable for the Filipino race is very shy. This is a fact and a very sad state especially during election year.

I only know two Filipinos running for political office. One is son of immigrants Brunswick, Ohio mayor Ron Falconi running for State Senator. Locally we have millenial Gina Lopez Alexander brave enough to run for mayor in her home base of Gardena. Surprisingly one mean Filipina discouraged Gina not to run for she is too young and politically ignorant. Yes there are selfish, bastos(rude) people from our homeland but the majority of us are gracious, prayerful and terribly shy. They are just trying to live the American dream.

Gina’s dad, the late Cesar Lopez started out as a chef in a casino and became the Wilmington mayor and owner of a Denny’s franchise and a hotel. He was an immigrant who came to this country with no money like me, seeking a life in paradise.

Then we have these three crooks in the spotlight smearing our country. I am sure there are more crimes being perpetuated in other religious organization. I am joyous that they got caught. There should be stricter laws to prevent crimes like this to happen. How did they stay under the radar?

Gale Stoddard