Michelle Steel stands for public safety against California’s Sanctuary State Law

The following is a statement from Orange County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Michelle Steel regarding the recent Orange County Sheriff’s Department data that shows over 2,100 criminal illegal aliens released onto the streets of Orange County since the passage of Senate Bill 54:

“SB54, California’s Sanctuary State law, ties the hands of California local governments,” said Orange County Supervisors Chairwoman Michelle Steel. “This data confirms the Board of Supervisors’ judgment in opposing SB54. This law has resulted in an increase in crime and a decrease in the safety of our communities. Our first responsibility as local elected officials is to protect public safety. The state’s dangerous sanctuary policy does exactly the opposite by allowing convicted criminals to be released onto the streets instead of being turned over to the proper federal authorities.”

In 2018, Supervisor Steel led Orange County in being the first County in California to introduce a resolution against SB54, opposing its blatant disregard for public safety and federal immigration law.

You can see the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Press Release below for more information:

Unimaginable: More than 1,500 aliens with ICE detainers released from the Orange County Jail in 2019, many re-offended

This article was released by the Office of Supervisor Michelle Steel.


  1. Michelle Steel is absolutely correct. These sanctuary state policies are to the detriment of public safety particularly in our Hispanic communities.

  2. Thank God for people with the common sense to know that upholding the law is more important than political correctness!

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