Graffiti rears it ugly unartistic head in Cypress

I am not amused, nor sympathetic, to the person who scrawled graffiti on the residential cement block wall on the northeast corner of Orange Avenue and Julie Beth Street.

The cement wall is painted white. The crude letters and symbols are red.

The dog who defaced the wall should be made to paint over his scribbles. Unlikely.

I called the graffiti hotline for the City of Cypress — 562-364-7512 — and will speak at tonight’s City Council meeting.

I want that mess gone.

Update (3:40 p.m.): The offending vandalism has been removed by Cypress Public Works. A brief conversation with one of the fine representatives of that department revealed that the graffiti was part of a larger spree down the street; the defaced wall at Orange and Julie Beth was the final spot to be found and painted over.

Thank you, Cypress Public Works, for your prompt response!

Graffiti on a cement block wall was removed the same day that it was reported. Photo by Katie Wiedel.


  1. Graffiti happened on Orangewood a few weeks back. So sad hope they find the people responsible and make them pay. What you permit you Promote

  2. Great job Cypress graffiti removal response!! Thanks!

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