Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg upset the Democratic primary apple cart

The Iowa Democratic caucuses were a mess, but the results weakened Joe Biden’s appearance as frontrunner. Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg smacked each other around afterwards, and Elizabeth Warren jumped up and down, waved her arms and said, “I’m still here!”

Now come the results from today’s New Hampshire primary, courtesy of Decision Desk HQ. Almost three-quarters of 287 precincts have reported. Andrew Yang has dropped out. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are in single digits for percentage of votes. Amy Klobuchar is in third place with about 20% of the votes.

Pete Buttigieg (about 24%) and Bernie Sanders (about 26%) are close enough to spit at each other.


Next comes Nevada caucuses and South Carolina’s primary.

I’m shutting down for the night. Tomorrow morning will bring final results.

Morning update: more departures — Michael Bennet and Deval Patrick.


  1. It looks like Communist Bernie Sanders has won the New Hampshire primary. That a COMMUNIST could win tells you all you need to know about today’s Democratic Party.

    1. So true. The libs don’t know that is country is centrist

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