Supervisor Janice Hahn backs Josh Newman’s SD-29 rematch bid

In another reflection of his overwhelming support from prominent local leaders, U.S. Army veteran, businessman, and former State Senator Josh Newman secured the endorsement of Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn. Before joining the Board of Supervisors, Hahn served in Congress for six years.

Supervisor Hahn released the following statement with the endorsement:

“From the U.S. Army to the California State Senate, Josh Newman has demonstrated a deep commitment to putting service over self throughout his career. He’s been a leader when it comes to assisting veterans, including helping homeless veterans secure good jobs, and standing up for working families, equal pay, investments in public safety, and renewable energy in the legislature. California needs Josh’s compassion, innovative ideas, and commitment to uplifting his community back in the State Senate, and I’m pleased to support him for State Senate.”

Josh Newman is a United States Army veteran, community activist, father, husband, and former State Senator for the 29th Senate District of California. As an officer in the United States Army, Newman’s active duty military service included assignments with a nuclear weapons detachment in South Korea and with a conventional artillery battalion in the 25th Infantry Division. After a successful post-service professional career in the Internet and mobile technology sectors, Newman founded and served as Executive Director of ArmedForce2Workforce, an initiative founded in 2012 to assist young veterans in the Orange County/Greater Los Angeles area in the pursuit of rewarding, career-oriented post-service employment.

Continuing to give back to his community, in 2016 Newman ran a “bottom-up” campaign against the political establishment — and was elected to the California Senate. In the State Senate, Newman chaired the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs. He also sat on the Business & Professions, Health, Insurance & Banking, and Human Services committees.

In Sacramento as well as while back home in the 29th Senate District, Newman was active and accessible, tirelessly serving the 16 cities of the 29th Senate District, continuously putting public service over politics, irrespective of the consequences. Throughout his tenure in the State Senate, Newman focused on finding common sense, pragmatic solutions that help improve the quality of life for California families. His legislation championed veteran services, mental health resources, public education, job creation, environmental protection, equal rights, transportation improvements, and fiscal responsibility.

He and his wife, Darcy Lewis, reside in Fullerton with their daughter and four rescue Chihuahuas.

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This article was released by Josh Newman for Senate 2020.


  1. The facts will never change. Josh Newman is a TAX & SPEND Democrat who voted to raise every single tax that our legislators proposed while he was in office. He has helped his fellow Democrats do irreparable harm to this state. Do not give this recalled state senator another chance to do further damage to this once great state. Just say NO to Josh.

  2. In another reflection of his overwhelming desire to RAISE OUR TAXES, RECALLED former state senator Josh Newman announces another meaningless endorsement.

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