Valentine tribute to women

It is WOMEN who give birth to each of us. They are the MOTHERS who nurtured us through our growth years, and their SPOUSES in their maturity.

WOMEN have always been and are our greatest CAREGIVERS.

I remember the 1920’s when the loving care from my parents, especially my MOTHER, working at two jobs, helped us survive through the “Great Depression.” (One job was in a “chili factory” where she worked on the night shift. She was paid in cash, and many large cans of chili and beans. Our family thrived on beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner.)

There is no way that I can possibly list the numerous ways WOMEN have participated in our country. WOMEN have always worked strenuously on farms and dairies in rural areas.

And millions of WOMEN came into the cities in the 1940’s to fill the men’s jobs when the men went into the military services. Women also cared for their families at home, and they labored on day and night shifts in their work places.

I remember some of the thirty WOMEN I personally trained who became known as “ROSIE, the RIVETERS” while we worked at a war defense plant before I joined the Army.)

Millions of WOMEN worked in many professional and business offices, retail stores, factories, etc., and they volunteered numerous hours to collect tin cans; and they gathered various types of items that would help win the war effort.

WOMEN sold War Bonds to help pay for the war.

Many WOMEN musically-entertained the troops, both stateside, and overseas. (I remember LENA HORNE singing “STORMY WEATHER” to our troops while we sat on our helmets on a muddy hillside in North Africa…. after the rain had stopped.)

AND MILLIONS of WOMEN also served in the various branches of the military and the medical services. Thousands of WOMEN served as nurses and helped our wounded in “field hospitals” and actual operating rooms near combat zones.

Many WOMEN were wounded and/or died.

A great number of WOMEN prepared medical supplies such as bandages; many others constructed airmen’s parachutes.

Some WOMEN PILOTS flew airplanes from aircraft factories to land them on airfields close to combat areas.

Thankfully for multi-millions of us, so many Women became TEACHERS in all grades and levels of schooling.


This article was written by Bill Thomas.