Don Sedgwick

Sedgwick opposed Porter’s anti-worker cote on HR-2474

Don Sedgwick, the leading Republican candidate for Congress (CA-45), denounced Congresswoman Katie Porter’s vote supporting HR-2474, the federal version of California’s controversial law, AB-5, the widely-criticized, anti-worker attack on independent contracting.

“Like AB-5, HR-2474 is a job killer that directly harms working-class families who need help the most,” Sedgwick said. “AB-5 has jeopardized the livelihoods of nearly one million California workers, including Uber and Lyft drivers, musicians, journalists, truckers and healthcare workers, by interfering with their right to independent contractor status.”

Sedgwick condemned HR-2474’s elimination of valuable primary and supplemental income opportunities for countless American families that depend on the new gig economy to make ends meet.

“This destructive bill would deprive individuals of the freedom to choose how, when, where and for whom they want to work,” Sedgwick said. “This bill is just another Socialist Democrat sweetheart deal for their union cronies.”

The Democrat-sponsored House bill is being heavily promoted by union bosses who see growing worker independence as a challenge to their power, especially unions that feel threatened by consumers and independent workers choosing ride-sharing services.

“Katie Porter either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care that it’s individuals and small businesses that keep Orange County and America moving forward,” Sedgwick said. “Each of these contractors are their own small business and as a small businessperson myself, I understand the challenges small businesspeople face and how individuals need choices to take control of their lives and to make enough money to get ahead, instead of simply getting by.”

This article was released by Sedgwick for Congress.


  1. Mike – you have no idea what you are talking about. This is a job killer millions of Americans. Small home businesses that are not incorporated, musicians, translators, court reporters, independent inspectors, farmers, actors, doctors, lawyers, independent fishermen, manicurists – you name it. This list goes on and on.
    I am guessing you have a cushy union job, which is what this is all about. Unions for all. Don’t need it, don’t want it. Our freedoms are being taken away from us, bit by bit by guys like you.

  2. Yeah right
    The truth is that this law stops worker misclassification that allows employers to avoid paying their fair share of taxes and benefits that they have been dodging by calling their workers independent contractors

    1. Mike, until this law I worked as a contractor teaching for a university about 4x a year. They asked if I could teach and I picked the gigs I wanted to commit to. I was responsible for getting the job done but it was up to me to manage how – I was completely in control of the curriculum. THen the university re-classified me as an employee because of this law. It is more bureaucracy (I had to take time to complete paperwork, it slowed payment down, I get $0 paychecks every other week). I dont like this and Im likely to not work with them anymnore because its not worth it. Id rather be a contractor and handle my taxes personally. I’m a grown man and I dont need the government to save me.

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