Editorial - Room with a View

California may matter this election year

The biggest reason for moving Californi’s primary election to Super Tuesday in March from June was to increase the importance of California, which usually felt like an after-thought and was treated like an ATM machine by both parties.

With former Vice President Joe Biden’s win in the Democratic primary in South Carolina on Saturday — astounding for the distance between Biden’s first place finish and Senator Bernie Sanders’s second place finish — Super Tuesday looms large, especially the large number of California delegates.

So if you haven’t already voted for one of the Democrats who have dropped out (now including Steyer and Buttigieg), the importance of your vote has appreciated.

Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight thinks that Sanders will be hurt by the suspension of Buttigieg’s campaign. FiveThirtyEight’s primary now forecasts a 2 in 3 chance that nobody will reach the end of the Democratic primaries with enough delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot.

Tomorrow night’s returns should be interesting.