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Gil Cisneros advances to general election in California’s 39th Congressional District

Today, Navy Veteran and education advocate Representative Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr. advanced to the general election after the primary election. Many votes remain to be counted, and with reports of Democrats voting late due to uncertainty in the presidential nomination race, we are far from knowing the final results.

“I want to thank everybody who has supported, volunteered, knocked on doors, and made phone calls for our campaign. Every single day, I’m honored to represent the people of California’s 39th District in our nation’s capital. And since day one of coming to Congress, I’ve been a tireless fighter for lower healthcare costs, women’s health rights, common-sense gun safety legislation, and ending big corporations’ grip on Washington. Young Kim is the same Young Kim who voters rejected in 2018. She’s a politician with the wrong priorities – ripping away health insurance from those with pre-existing conditions, endless tax giveaways to huge corporations, and maintaining Trump’s cap to the SALT deduction that hurts 39th District homeowners. I’m confident when voters compare our records side by side, they’ll choose to send me back to Congress.”

Despite being rejected by voters in 2018, Young Kim will again be the Republican nominee for the seat. In 2018, Young Kim gathered the most votes in the primary, only to lose by 3 points in the general election. Young Kim was similarly rejected by voters in 2016, when she lost her State Assembly seat.

Since being elected in 2018, Cisneros has been hard at work delivering for constituents of CA-39. He has secured over $120 million in federal grants for the district, and also recently secured $8 million dollars in relief for homeowners impacted by wildfires. His office has returned over $386,395 dollars to residents of the district and helped over 431 constituents through casework. Fulfilling his campaign promise, Cisneros has made himself widely accessible and has held seven public town halls, attended over 318 in district events, and held two public open office hours, where anyone can come in and discuss their concerns with their Congressman.

In Congress, Cisneros has been a leader fighting for our veterans, lowering prescription drug costs, preserving protections for those with pre-existing conditions, and ending the culture of corruption in DC. Cisneros has had 12 of his bills signed into law, including a bill to expand the membership criteria of the American Legion to include all honorably discharged veterans and a bill to extend Agent Orange VA care to ‘blue water navy’ veterans. Cisneros supported H.R. 3, an important bill that would lower the cost of prescription drugs and allow Medicare to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies. Cisneros also proudly sponsored H.R. 1, a landmark government reform bill that would take on entrenched corporate interests in Washington. Cisneros is the only candidate in this race who refuses to accept corporate PAC money, which has a corrupting influence in Congress.

Cisneros has established his ability to work across the aisle, as over 60% of his cosponsored bills are bipartisan. Of the 31 bills he has introduced, 19 are bipartisan, including legislation to raise the SALT deduction cap, provide legal services to homeless veterans, and provide better health transition services to women servicemembers. He has had 35 bipartisan amendments pass the House, including amendments to help combat wildfires and increase funding for transportation programs. He is a member of the bipartisan For Country caucus and the bicameral, bipartisan No Labels caucus.

Cisneros starts the general election in a strong position, with important endorsements from groups like the Orange County Professional Firefighters Association Local 3631, Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence, End Citizens United, League of Conservation Voters, California Teachers Association, Latino Victory Fund, Vote Vets, and many, many more. Cisneros is also in a strong fundraising position, with over a million dollars in the bank, despite refusing to accept a dime of corporate PAC money, and over 19,000 individual donors this cycle.

The article above was released by Cisneros for Congress.


  1. Gil Cisneros is a Democrat, so NO.

  2. Young Kim would have won the 2018 race if it hadn’t been for outsider money and vote harvesting done by the Democrats. Ms. Kim is by far the better candidate. Let’s hope union money & Democrat shenanigans won’t steal this election again from Young Kim.

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