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Letter to the Editor: Propping up Joe Biden

Most everyone knows someone who has/had dementia, witnessing the frightening early signs that tell us a loved one’s mind is slowly disappearing. I saw this with my own beloved father. Now the American people are getting a firsthand observation of what early dementia looks like thanks to the Democratic National Party’s insistence on propping up former Vice President Joe Biden. A gaffe here and there and few people would comment. But Biden makes several blunders each day, some more pronounced than others. When someone makes gaffes on a seemingly daily basis others, especially family and friends, should pay attention and react accordingly in that person’s best interests. They should not exacerbate the situation and especially so when we are talking about electing the leader of the free world.

I am a proud Trump Republican, so it doesn’t matter who is the Democratic Party’s candidate in November. I am talking now as an American. It is very cruel for the DNC to promote the candidacy of an elderly man who is displaying the early stages of dementia or mental cognitive issues because they don’t have anyone else to run against socialist Bernie Sanders. As Washington Post columnist Mark Thiessen said on Super Tuesday evening, “Democrats will now have to choose between socialism and senility.”

Robin Itzler
Cypress, California

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  1. We all have to wonder, if Biden is elected, and apparently is not mentally capable of assessing the amount of vitally important information every day that a president needs to, who is actually going to be making those critical decisions on our behalf?
    Also, has Biden released has tax returns for the past 5 years?

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