Mary Bono endorses Greg Raths for Congress

Greg Raths, Republican candidate for California’s 45th Congressional District, has received the endorsement from former Congresswoman Mary Bono.

Mary Bono released the following statement expressing her support for Greg Raths:

“I am proud to endorse Col. Greg Raths for United States Congress in California’s 45th District. I stand with Col. Raths, a decorated US Marine fighter pilot, who like my father answered the call and fought to protect freedom throughout the world. It’s time we elect more veterans to Congress, it’s time we elect Col. Greg Raths.”

Upon hearing of former Congresswoman Mary Bono’s endorsement, Greg Raths was quoted as saying:

“I am honored to have received Mary’s endorsement. She fought hard for her district and is a true friend to the Veteran community. Her support will help us move forward to victory in November.”

This article was released by Greg Raths for United States Congress.