Exterior of the Anaheim White House Restaurant. Courtesy photo.

Anaheim White House partners with Uber Eats in response to COVID-19

We at Anaheim White House have been closely following the developments around the coronavirus pandemic. We care deeply about the health and wellness of our employees, our guests, and our community and are taking the evolving nature of the coronavirus very seriously.

We are focused on maintaining a clean and healthy restaurant and have made precautions to ensure all surfaces and dish wares are cleaned with health-department approved sanitizers and soaps. We wipe down all tables with sanitizer after each seating, have placed hand sanitizer stations at employee entrances, main entrance and throughout the restaurant for our staff and guests to utilize upon entering and during service. We have removed tables in our dining rooms to allow for safer social distancing and have 12 private rooms for groups of 8 or more. We are strongly encouraging stringent hand washing procedures throughout the service period. We have additional staff on hand to clean all handrails and door knobs throughout the hours of operation, just to name a few. Prior to these events we recently were awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” from the County of Orange Environmental Health Division for our “exceptionally high food safety and sanitation standards”.

While the risks and long-term impacts of coronavirus are difficult to understand at this time, we are making day-to-day efforts and appropriate steps to continue to ensure above-standard health procedures are met. We will comply to any government guidelines and if closure is a must we will continue with Uber Eats or Pick up outside of the restaurant.

In other exciting news, we have partnered with…


That’s right, you can now order any of our delicious dishes through Uber Eats!

If you’re binge watching your favorite show and don’t want to change out of your sweatpants, we have you covered. Download the app or go online to order… it’s super simple!

You’ll be enjoying a dish of our signature Rigatoni Carbonara with your murder mystery documentary in no time.

The article above was released by the Anaheim White House.


  1. Chef Bruno is the best! So many people owe him a huge debt of gratitude and should support him every time they can! Can’t wait until we can all sit down for a meal together!

  2. Well done Chef Bruno you’re an asset to Anaheim and Orange County and should be respected for your amazing courage in the face of whats ahead….
    The Unknown is home to EXCELLENCE

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