Anaheim Packing House at sunset. Photo by Chet Frolich.

We are all aware of the very fluid situation regarding the Coronavirus. Rest assured, heightened sanitation protocols are in immediate effect in the Packing District, and we are in constant communique with all tenants regarding expectations.

We believe our Packing District spaces are exempt from the Governor’s gathering directive since our patronage arrive in singular, family and friends groups and are not congregating in sedentary mass groupings of 250 guests.

Until further notice the Packing District is open regular hours, and we believe offering an important service to the community in providing food and beverage from local businesses. Please refer to our website for the most recent updates.

The article above was released by the Anaheim Packing District.


  1. Proud Boys, an extremist organization comprised of violent thugs, attempting to hijack this story for their own ends because they’ve been kicked off of most normal websites. Demonizing the homeless. Shame.

    1. Wrong! Not today, Antifa! Take your leftist lies elsewhere. You’re the reason California is a cesspool.

      1. Mr. Rook,

        We approved your comment, and that of others on this thread, to promote dialogue. If name-calling continues, no further comments will be approved.

        Please keep things civil, polite, and constructive — or take your comments elsewhere.

        Shelley Henderson
        editor, Orange County Breeze

  2. It would help the Packing District if they kept out the myriad homeless loitering nearby. The homeless are infested with some many diseases. What are the chances that they have Covid? Any bets on this?

    I say no coddling of the homeless in Anaheim. Protect the decent citizens against the diseased carriers. Support Trump against the homeless and illegals!!

    Trump 2020! Proud Boys stand by Trump.

    On a lighter note, I am the organizer of the largest Meetup group on Meetup. LA Free Concerts. Please join us!!

    Proud Boy Lionel
    Meetup Organizer “LA Free Concerts”

    1. The Proud Boys Support Trump and are against illegal immigration. We also support common sense measures when it comes to helping the homeless. The Proud Boys are against homelessness and the politicalization of the plight of the homeless but we are not against the homeless per se. We believe in helping everyone that doesn’t want to be homeless. That’s why we sponsor, and participate in, various and multiple charitable endeavors throughout the year in order to help the needy and the homeless as much as we can. Our beef is always with the bureaucratic and political entities that either obstruct real American solutions or, exacerbate and perpetuate the current status quo. And finally, Epstein didn’t kill himself. Uhuru!

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