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Cypress Council meeting by teleconference

Under powers granted by a State proclamation, the Cypress City Council met via telephone conferencing. The agenda and staff reports are available on the official City website. The audio of the meeting will be posted on the City website in a timely fashion. The following is a rough transcript as the meeting was conducted.

Item 7: Local Proclamation of Emergency

Police Department Update

As much business as possible is being done over the phone.

Emergency Operation Center activated.

Coordinating statewide with other agencies.

Recreation Update

Cypress Community Center and Senior Center closed through March 31.

All classes and programs cancelled through March 31. Refunds in process.

Senior lunch service still operational. Call 714-229-2005 for meal service.

Activities in parks being monitored in case activities call for park closures.

City Clerk

City Hall is closed. Business via email. Impact to November elections unknown at this time.

Financial Department

Operations limited to essential functions. Priority is paying vendors and employees. Costs being documented for possible federal reimbursement. Monitoring revenue loss with anticipated impact to general fund.

Community Development

Trash will be picked up. Recycling will go in the same truck. Bulky item pick-up delayed.

Water service will continue as normal.

Capital projects delayed. Public hearings will be rescheduled.

Comments from City Council Members

Mariellen Yarc: what kind of activities would lead to a park closure?

A: As long as social distancing is maintained, no reason to close.

Stacy Berry: increase in crime since state order enacted?

A: No increase seen, very quiet.

Stacy Berry: increased police presence a deterrence?

A: Yes.

Stacy Berry: impact of coronavirus on OCFA?

A: multiple OCFA employees tested positive but fully operational.


Item 8: Temporary Procedures for City Meetings

All those participating are at separate locations participating through teleconferencing. The audio file will be posted on the City website as soon as possible.

Staff recommendation: conduct Council meetings telephonically, with public comments via email.

Mariellen Yarc: working well so far.

Jon Peet Peat: will agendas include project approval?

A: It depends. Most will be delayed. All will be done to get timely approval.


Item 9: Support of Community Non-Profits

In the City of Cypress, twenty-one groups are supported through grants: education, childcare, senior services, meals, and more. They are facing significant decrease in revenue streams. Item requests City Manager to coordinate with non-profits to discover needs and ways to help, including a funding pools.

Example: Boys & Girls Club. Laying off 54 employees. Remaining employees taking 24% cut in pay. Pursuing grants and loans. Restructuring existing loan. Liquid assets may be able to carry them through the end of April.

Clarification: I spoke this morning with Councilman Jon Peat regarding the Boys & Girls Club employees. He explained that none of the employees are being laid off. Rather, their hours are being reduced to zero. This will enable them to immediately apply for unemployment benefits. He also explained that the number of employees was close to 60, and that the number covered all of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Anaheim-Cypress, rather than, say, just the sites in Cypress.

Mariellen Yarc: needs doing, but uncomfortable using public funds to a non-profit. Endorse looking. Cypress Woman’s Club fundraiser event cancelled, Club status precarious.

Stacy Berry: echo Mariellen Yarc’s comment. Too many unknowns, too many questions. Comfortable having it looked into.

Paulo Morales: would like it looked at. What sort of service vs. sports league.

Rob Johnson: Cypress looked to for leadership. Hope to explore possibilities to help non-profits.



  1. Will street sweeping schedule remain regular? I believe I read this week is cancelled. With so many people having to remain at home, are tickets still going to be issued, hard to move cars. Thank you for your time.

    1. Author

      Ms. Guest,

      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze, and taking the time to comment on this article.

      I believe that street sweeping and ticketing will be suspended, but I will verify that with the City.

      Again, thank you for commenting. Stay safe, stay healthy!

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze


      According to the City of Cypress Facebook page:

      Street sweeping operations are cancelled from March 23 through March 27. They will resume on March 30, weather permitting.

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