Cypress Police Department

At the request of our readers, we talked with the Cypress Police Department about street sweeping, currently suspended.

Short- and mid-term outlook: the Cypress Police Department is waiting around like the rest of us to see whether the COVID-19 lockdown remains in effect after March 31.

As this article is written, the Orange County Health Care Agency reports that there are 187 known cases of COVID-19 in Orange County, with one death attributed to COVID-19. Contrary to expectations that older people are most vulnerable, more than half of the known cases are adults aged 18 to 48. Twenty-nine percent are adults aged 50 to 64, and 17% are older than 65. Only one person under 18 has been confirmed. Only one death has been attributed to COVID-19, a man in his 70s with underlying health issues.

More than 2400 people have been tested out of a County population of about 3.2 million, less than a tenth of a percent.

What’s really needed is repeated testing of a representative sample to gauge how comprehensively the virus has entered the general population and how fast it’s spreading. However, inadequate supplies of test kits block that.

So we wait, and watch the news from Washington, DC (the Senate has passed the first relief bill); from Sacramento (90-day mortgage payment relief); from the County (beaches and parks closed); and from cities (all our carefully sorted trash is being picked up by a single truck).

Stay safe, stay healthy!