OCB cheeky tiki with hibiscus [featured] 20200318

OCB World Headquarters has gone virtual (small bureaucratic bump edition)

When we opened a new virtual office on March 17, we were told by a postal clerk that we could use a “Post Office Box Street Address (PBSA)” (10650 Reagan St., #1132)

This morning, we received notice that we cannot use the PBSA and must use the explicit post office box address.

No use arguing. We have more than enough other stuff to get done!

FREE office furniture and stuff

We have some office furniture and other stuff still at the old location. It’s yours if you want it! (You have to cart it off yourself.)

Watch this space for an update that includes a gallery of photos of what’s available.

Update: a gallery of Available Stuff is now posted. First come, first served! You MUST remove your item(s) by Monday, March 30 at 5 p.m.

Email us if you are interested in an item, to make arrangements to visit our old office!

GRATEFUL HEARTS will be picking up all the rest of our Available Stuff.
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