We are moving into our second week of staying apart from each other. None of us ever thought we would be here even one month ago. I’m getting daily emails and texts asking when we are going to open B.R.A.I.N. again. As I am sure you know, we are all waiting for our governor to give us the guidelines to do so. On March 13th, Jerry and I flew to Seattle to be with our family for our brother in law’s funeral on the 14th. It was a rich and deep time with family members and we were so happy to be with them. I must confess, I was even happier to return home without being held up there in Washington State. Now, funerals are not even permitted at this time in the Seattle area. What great timing. Realizing we were in the “Belly of the Beast” where the virus erupted, both Jerry and I decided to self-quarantine for 15 days to the CDC’s opinion. We certainly did not want to risk others if we were carriers without any symptoms. It has been difficult on one hand to be separated from all of you and our family, but we continue to be healthy and completely asymptomatic to any sickness. For that, I’m grateful. And, I must say, I haven’t spent this much time with my own husband since 1970 when we got married nearly 50 years ago. We read, take walks, pray together, laugh together, discuss deeply, cook, bake, sort photos all together. Though I miss my sweet granddaughter, Ava, I realize it won’t be long and we can be together.

Thinking through the near future, we as a team have decided to postpone our Swing Fever event. On May 1st, we very well may be back working again, however the spirit of fear is very powerful and I do not want to make people have to choose to go out and celebrate when they may be tentative to do so. We have rescheduled Swing Fever for Friday, July 17th at The Grand in Long Beach.

While our doors are closed, our therapy and care of our therapists certainly are not closed. We now offer individual speech and cognitive therapy to all who want tele-therapy on the computer. Please email Angela Mandas at [email protected] to receive a document that gives us permission to serve you.

This is certainly a time to face the fact that no one is in control of life itself. May we all work together and be wise in our individual decisions.

The article above was released by the Brain Rehabilitation and Injury Network.