Cypress Farmer’s Market open 9 am to 2 pm Saturdays

Because we were unable to go last week, we made an extra effort to visit the Cypress Farmer’s this week.


We bought marbled rye bread and had to pay cash — most of the vendors take credit/debit cards.

Andrew at the Vita Juice booth happily explained about their probiotic juice blends. We bought five bottle to try out different flavors, and paid with a debit card.

Andrew manned the Vita Juice booth at Cypress Farmer’s Market, with fresh-squeezed probiotic blended juices. He said that Vita Juice will be back next week, too. Photo by C.E.H. Wiedel.

Two veggie/fruit vendors competed for our attention but because we already had oranges and wanted strawberries, we stood in line (maintaining a proper six feet apart) at Finca Bonita’s booth on the north side of the Market. We picked out carrots and a cabbage head while waitinig in line. Once at the cashier, we asked for a half-flat of strawberries and a dozen eggs. (Usually they sell eggs by flats but today only by dozens, although you could get more than one.) We again paid with a debit card.

The fellow checking everyone out at the Finca Bonita booth at Cypress Farmer’s Market was all smiles and wearing gloves. Photo by C.E.H. Wiedel.

Four or five different ready-to-eat or fast-to-prepare food vendors were also on hand.

If your home store of fresh produce (or eggs) is low, consider visiting the Cypress Farmer’s Market. The selection is excellent and fresh!

Update: location

I apologize for omitting the location of the Cypress Farmer’s Market. It is held at the southern end of the parking lot of Cottonwood Church, corner of Lexington Dr. and Katella Ave. That corner is in Cypress, but the other three corners are in Los Alamitos.