The City of Los Alamitos is working hard to keep its chin up, and wants to pump up the spirits of its residents, too.

While it’s not a chin up, or pull up, or pumping iron, this challenge from (still new!) Los Alamitos City Manager Chet Simmons made us sit up:

I think that’s in the small plaza just outside the door of the City Council Chamber. And he appears to be maintaining proper social distancing. Here’s the challenge:

Looking for ways to stay active, we challenge you‼️ Join us in the challenge #SEE10DO10CHALLENGE. Meet Los Alamitos City Manager Chet Simmons doing 10 push ups. 💪🏼 He challenges Los Alamitos Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Andrew Pulver, the Los Alamitos City Council and the Los Alamitos Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Commissioners to do this challenge along with the rest of the community.

I’m down with the challenge!

Believe it or not, I actually, really, truly do fifty pushups every morning, to combat old-lady bat-wing biceps.

(Okay, the pushups are not the same as shown in the video. They are modified-to-be-easier fat old-lady pushups, at about a 30° angle rather than flat — but not on my knees! Cuz that would hurt too much. Bum knees.)