David Pogue of CBS Sunday Morning offers advice on how to survive self-quarantine without losing your mind

A link to this video was emailed to my husband, who enjoyed it enough to pass it along to me with a suggestion that the readers of Orange County Breeze would enjoy David Pogue’s take on staying sane while stuck at home.

I agree, and here it is:

Stay all the way to the end to check out his haute couture outfit!

My own contribution is that you should keep a sense of humor — that’s why we designed a special Logo in Time of Coronavirus with our Cheeky Tiki mascot wearing a rubber glove on his head. Take precautions seriously, but laugh too!

Stay safe, stay healthy!

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  1. Absolutely Fabulous!! Thank you!! BTW, James, we are still doing Whinning Wednesdays but doing it on Zoom!!

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